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"Music is the universal language of mankind."   (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

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Universal (adj.)  :  of, relating to, or characterised of all the whole;  applicable everywhere or in all cases;  affecting, concerning, or involving all;  used or understood by all;  present everywhere.

Synonyms  :  worldwide, everywhere, entire, common, global, extensive, general, unlimited, prevalent, catholic, accepted, chosen.

Scrabble Value:

U = 1 point
N = 1 point
I = 1 point
V = 4 points
E = 1 point
R = 1 point
S = 1 point
A = 1 point
L = 1 point

Universal is worth at least 12 points in the game of scrabble.

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11 November 2015 06:12

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