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Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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noun: harvest; plural noun: harvests
1. the process or period of gathering in crops.
"farmers work longer hours during the harvest"
synonyms: gathering in of the crops, harvesting, harvest time, reaping, picking, collecting, raregarnering, ingathering, gleaning, culling

the season's yield or crop.
"a poor harvest"
synonyms: yield, crop, vintage, year's growth, fruits, produce

a quantity of animals caught or killed for human use.
"a limited harvest of wild mink"

the product or result of an action.
"in terms of science, Apollo yielded a meagre harvest"
synonyms: return, result, fruits, product, effect, consequence, output

verb: harvest; 3rd person present: harvests; past tense: harvested; past participle: harvested; gerund or present participle: harvesting

1. gather (a crop) as a harvest.
"after harvesting, most of the crop is stored in large buildings"
synonyms: gather in, gather, bring in, take in, reap, pick, collect, raregarner, ingather, glean, cull
"once he's harvested the wheat crop, there are still the beans"

catch or kill (animals) for human consumption.
"the quantity of squid harvested has risen"
remove (cells, tissue, or an organ) from a person or animal for experiment or transplant.

collect or obtain (a resource) for future use.
"the research teams are leading the way in identifying new ways of harvesting the sun's energy"

Scrabble Value:

H = 4 points
A = 1 point
R = 1 point
V = 4 points
E = 1 point
S = 1 point
T = 1 point

Harvest is worth at least 13 points in the game of scrabble.

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