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"I sought my soul but my soul I could not see;  I sought my god but my god eluded me;  I sought my brother and found all three."  (William Blake)

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Eluded (vb.)  :  avoided or escaped by speed, cleverness, trickery, etc.;  escaped the understanding, perception, or appreciation of;  escaped discovery.

Synonyms  :  baffled, evaded, escaped, avoided, confused, confounded, puzzled, frustrated, bewildered, perplexed, dodged.

Scrabble Value:

E = 1 point
L = 1 point
U = 1 point
D = 2 points
E = 1 point
D = 2 points

Eluded is worth at least 8 points in the game of scrabble.

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01 November 2015 08:10

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