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You raise your voice when you should reinforce your argument ~ Samuel Johnson

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verb: reinforce

strengthen (an existing feeling, idea, or habit).

"the next few months reinforced my opinion of Vince as a man of his word"

synonyms: strengthen, fortify, bolster up, shore up, buttress, prop up, underpin, support; cement, uphold, defend, maintain, back (up), buoy up; boost, give a boost to, aid, assist, help, promote, encourage, deepen, broaden, enrich, enhance, intensify, improve; underline, heighten, emphasise, stress

"the scheme reinforces the links between colleges and companies"

Scrabble Value:

R = 1 point
E = 1 point
I = 1 point
N = 1 point
F = 4 points
O = 1 point
R = 1 point
C = 3 points
E = 1 point

Reinforce is worth at least 14 points in the game of scrabble.

28 June 2016 08:37

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