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"We all have our moments of brilliance and glory, and this was mine."  (Roald Dahl)

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Brilliance (n.)  :  great brightness of light;  excellence or distinction;  conspicuous talent, mental ability, etc.

Synonyms  :  radiance, splendour, magnificence, genius, lustre, elegance, talent, inspiration, perception, vision, wisdom.

Scrabble Value:

B = 3 points
R = 1 point
I = 1 point
L = 1 point
L = 1 point
I = 1 point
A = 1 point
N = 1 point
C = 3 points
E = 1 point

Brilliance is worth at least 14 points in the game of scrabble.

27 May 2016 06:42

the Owl's word for the day
just one word... once a day from the Owl (mood, internet and zesa dependent)

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