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Zimbabwe cold room

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Updated: 19/06/2020 | Listed: 02/10/2013

Alturas Enterprises

Refrigeration & air conditioning sales and spares

61.9% Recommended 42 Votes

WWW Priority Listing

Updated: 14/09/2020 | Listed: 22/11/2013

Webcal Air

Specialist in air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation. We supply, install, repair and service all types of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems. Car reggasing, fridge repair

66.7% Recommended 18 Votes


Updated: 23/07/2019 | Listed: 26/08/2015

Exocold Refrigeration

Specialists in Transport Refrigeration Services, Air Conditioning, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Refrigeration

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes


Updated: 17/07/2019 | Listed: 12/01/2012

Natural Air

Zimbabwe's Headquarters of Cold. Distributors of Quality Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Products

72.3% Recommended 65 Votes


Updated: 19/11/2020 | Listed: 18/11/2020

Icy Bliss


100.0% Recommended 4 Votes

Updated: 21/03/2016 | Listed: 31/05/2013

Africhill Zimbabwe

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

55.6% Recommended 18 Votes

Updated: 11/11/2019 | Listed: 06/09/2016

Bloo Cool (Pvt) Ltd

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Cold and Freezer Rooms

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 27/08/2020 | Listed: 17/08/2020

Bulk Air Services

Supply, install, service and repair of air conditioners, coldrooms, chillers, mortuaries and ventilation fans as well as vehicle air conditioning.

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 14/12/2018 | Listed: 17/06/2013

Cold Control Refrigeration

Cold Room and Freezer Room Units. Air-Conditioning and Refrigerated Transport

75.0% Recommended 12 Votes

Updated: 19/07/2019 | Listed: 09/04/2019

Controlled Cooling (Pvt) Ltd

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 31/10/2019 | Listed: 02/08/2013

Country Cool Air Conditioning (Pvt) Ltd

Excellency In Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

47.4% Recommended 19 Votes

Updated: 07/11/2017 | Listed: 25/11/2016

Executive Air conditioning & Refregiration

Executive Air conditioning & Refrigeration is a leading supplier of air conditioners , and refrigeration equipment in out side Zimbabwe.We supply cold room panels,maintance and installation

100.0% Recommended 2 Votes

Updated: 29/07/2019 | Listed: 20/10/2014

Imperial Refrigeration Zimbabwe

For all your domestic and commercial refrigeration needs, display chillers, coldrooms etc

50.0% Recommended 14 Votes

Listed: 20/08/2020

Klock Tech

All In One Solution Provider With Round The Clock Service

100.0% Recommended 7 Votes

Updated: 21/03/2019 | Listed: 26/07/2012

Optional Air

We Supply, Install, Service and Repair Air Conditioners/Refrigeration and Ventilation Fans

63.6% Recommended 33 Votes

Updated: 25/07/2019 | Listed: 15/06/2016

Petes Refrigeration

Domestic/Commercial Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Container Hire and Cold/Freezer rooms. Fridge repairs and call outs.

100.0% Recommended 4 Votes

Updated: 17/07/2019 | Listed: 23/08/2017

Tropical Technology (Pvt) Ltd

Ahead of the best in Room/Car Air Conditioning, Cold Room, Refrigeration, Sales Service and Repairs

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 23/05/2017 | Listed: 03/10/2014

Wynnstay Air Conditioning

Supply, install, repair and service all types of air conditioning units and cold rooms

40.0% Recommended 10 Votes

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