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Zimbabwe Consultancy


Updated: 08/08/2019 | Listed: 22/09/2014

Agricultural Research Trust

A.R.T. Farm

43.8% Recommended 16 Votes


Updated: 10/06/2020 | Listed: 17/03/2017

Amolas Agencies (Pvt) Ltd

Customs Clearing, Shipping and Freight Forwarding

100.0% Recommended 2 Votes


Updated: 03/09/2019 | Listed: 22/08/2012

Speedlink Cargo

Freights First Choice

58.3% Recommended 12 Votes


Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 13/02/2012


Shopfitting Specialists

45.0% Recommended 20 Votes


Updated: 01/11/2019 | Listed: 28/10/2019


Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is a management and human resources consulting firm in Zimbabwe.

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 27/11/2019 | Listed: 01/10/2019

Brand IT

Tangible, Useful, Memorable, Effective and Targeted! We collaborate with our clients to get them noticed, believed and remembered through effective use of promotional products.

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 22/01/2019 | Listed: 10/01/2019

CUSAA Services

CUSAA Services is a marketing consultancy that connects universities, students and agents. Included in the services are flight bookings and document certification.

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Listed: 14/05/2014

Carltin Techno Centre

Computer Sales and Technologies,Networks, IT Consultancy and Website Development

55.6% Recommended 9 Votes

Updated: 05/12/2019 | Listed: 16/11/2018

Construction Advisory Services

Construction Advisory Services offers Total Construction Solutions to Owner- Builders, Contractors, Corporate Companies, Hardware Merchants, Government Departments, Banking Institutions, NGOs, etc

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 12/10/2016 | Listed: 11/10/2016

Dothan group investments

For all your investments in Zimbabwe and South Africa contact us on and we can manage or run or properties or estates or complex on your behalf.We charge reasonable amount.

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 12/06/2017

Equip Solutions

Project and Consultancy Services, Supply chain management, handling, warehousing and distribution, marketing,sales and merchandising

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 22/07/2019 | Listed: 14/11/2013

Fairridge Shipping (Pvt) Ltd

Ship-Management Services, Agency Services, Sale & Purchase, Chartering and Consultancy services

35.7% Recommended 14 Votes

Updated: 11/10/2018 | Listed: 16/11/2012

Fig Multimedia Tech


30.0% Recommended 20 Votes

Updated: 05/08/2019 | Listed: 08/04/2019

Globetrot consultancy

Globetrot consultancy is a consultancy agency. It has a security and loss, tax clearance, landscaping, research, company registration, mining , farming, travel agency, auditors, car rental agency ETC

100.0% Recommended 5 Votes

Updated: 01/06/2016 | Listed: 30/05/2013

Gracia Kabod consultancy

We specialise in all business consultancy, statistical analysis and event management

55.6% Recommended 9 Votes

Updated: 19/05/2017 | Listed: 24/11/2013

Hwamanda Communications (Pvt) Ltd

Branding and Brand-building, Customer service consultancy

33.3% Recommended 12 Votes

Updated: 13/05/2020 | Listed: 12/05/2020

ISOING Training and Consulting

At ISOING we have been providing companies in Zimbabwe with effective system training and consulting since November 2018. Our focus is exclusively on providing you with expertise on high quality and cost-effective system development and implementation in Quality assurance, Safety and Health as well as Environmental management system standards.

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 20/09/2012

Innovate Inspiration Group

Consultancy, Learning, Retail, Speaking

55.6% Recommended 9 Votes

Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 19/06/2015

InstiChem Pvt Ltd

InstiChem Pvt Ltd is a company based at the Harare Institute of Technology in the Departme

75.0% Recommended 4 Votes

Updated: 18/11/2020 | Listed: 28/08/2013

Institute of Directors Zimbabwe

Integrity and Enterprise

44.4% Recommended 9 Votes

Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 03/04/2014

Joe Public Zimbabwe

Full service and integrated communications group based in Harare, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Namibia and Amsterdam...

42.9% Recommended 14 Votes

Updated: 24/05/2018 | Listed: 11/09/2013

Meridian Risk Consulting

Business management consultancy that specializes in actuarial, risk management and generic business solutions

57.1% Recommended 14 Votes

Updated: 09/03/2016 | Listed: 14/01/2013

Niddleye Enterprenuerial Incubator

Business Development. From company registrations and tax papers to marketing.

42.9% Recommended 7 Votes

Updated: 26/01/2016 | Listed: 17/10/2012

Nyamunoxs Excellence Pvt Ltd.

Consultancy Services

44.4% Recommended 9 Votes

Updated: 26/07/2019 | Listed: 05/10/2018

Parity Development Holdings

Residential Stands, Property Development, Consultancy, Investments

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 25/07/2019 | Listed: 05/11/2017

Remuage Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Remuage Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is a multidisciplinary engineering company with the following capabilities: Engineering Consulting, Plant Design Services, EPCM and EPC projects, Elec & mechanical

100.0% Recommended 1 Votes

Updated: 06/12/2018 | Listed: 14/02/2014

Snap Tactix Consulting (Pvt) Ltd

Training and consulting services related to ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, Food Safety and Hygiene

50.0% Recommended 6 Votes

Updated: 09/02/2018 | Listed: 16/06/2017

Springware Technologies

Our slogan is to combine leading-edge IT knowledge and business strategy to develop efficient and cost effective solutions that keeps business one-step ahead. We develop custom software that fits you!

100.0% Recommended 2 Votes

Updated: 26/07/2019 | Listed: 18/07/2014

Total Farm Solutions Pvt Ltd (TFS)

Greenhouse construction, Farm Consultancy and Agronomy services, Soil Analysis, Crop nutrition products, Crop protection products (traps), Agro chemicals, Farming Trainings and Farming Magazines.

61.5% Recommended 13 Votes

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