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Zimbabwe Auto Spares

Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 30/09/2013


Zimbabwe's first online Automotive spares and parts shop. We supply all manner of parts catering for most vehicles in Zimbabwe. We also supply welding products and non ferrous metals.

25.6% Recommended 43 Votes

Updated: 24/07/2019 | Listed: 09/08/2012

Goldwagen (GW)

BMW,Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Golf, Jetta and Audi Spares

63.9% Recommended 61 Votes

Updated: 24/05/2017 | Listed: 16/08/2012

Net to Net Autospares

Auto Spares

27.3% Recommended 11 Votes

Updated: 17/05/2018 | Listed: 22/08/2012

Peugeots City Car Breakers

For All Your Genuine Peugeots Spares

45.5% Recommended 22 Votes

Updated: 08/08/2018 | Listed: 23/09/2014

Robins Motors

Suppliers of all Auto spares and Accessories. Manchine spares and many more!

53.3% Recommended 15 Votes

Updated: 25/07/2019 | Listed: 29/02/2012

Silverton Radiators

Radiator Supplies, Service and Repairs

50.0% Recommended 16 Votes

Updated: 06/04/2016 | Listed: 21/07/2013

Sky Star Company

Its an eagle quality orgasation, mainly involved in cleaning chemical manufactering and auto mobile spare distribution

57.1% Recommended 7 Votes

Updated: 14/11/2016 | Listed: 14/11/2016

The Auto Docs

A Step Ahead in Vehicle Rebuild Technology

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

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