KEFALOS Manufacturers of quality milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and other dairy products

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Updated: 08/04/2016 | Listed: 02/10/2013

Koala Education Services


50.0% Recommended 14 Votes


Updated: 29/11/2018 | Listed: 06/08/2012

Kopje Glass

For All Your Glass, Mirrors and Glazing Requirements, glass window panes suppliers and installations, glass cutting, broken window replacements in Harare. All glass and window accessories

57.1% Recommended 14 Votes


Updated: 18/02/2019 | Listed: 09/02/2017

Konak Stone Ideas

Beautify your home with our Stone Ideas (wall cladding, paving, flower pots, stone pebbles, hand basins...)

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes


Updated: 18/02/2019 | Listed: 20/01/2012

Konak Walling

Wall, Build, Pave & Gate with Konak and get Natural Stone Products too. Secure your Home with Style!

50.0% Recommended 16 Votes

Updated: 14/11/2018 | Listed: 31/10/2016

Kolfhurst Investments

Seal the Difference

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 26/08/2016 | Listed: 26/08/2016

Komamoyo Lodge


0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 14/12/2018 | Listed: 14/12/2018

Komani Estates

We are a Farming Enterprise, a division of Selby Enterprises, specialising in the production of horticultural fruit & vegetables, targeted at premium local and international markets

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 10/02/2016 | Listed: 29/10/2012

Kombani Africa Lodge


45.5% Recommended 11 Votes

Updated: 18/10/2017 | Listed: 26/07/2012

Kongmash Manufacturers Pvt Ltd.

We make customised designs shirts; in house embroidery and screen printing for Golf shirts; T/shirts; Khaki shirts; ladies wear; shorts; gowns; blazers; trousers, for corporates, wholesalers, schools.

33.3% Recommended 15 Votes

Updated: 01/02/2019 | Listed: 24/11/2016

Konica Minolta Zim

Change the Way you do Business

100.0% Recommended 6 Votes

Updated: 30/05/2016 | Listed: 04/09/2012

Koshenta Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Suppliers of SKF Bearings and Related Products

40.0% Recommended 10 Votes

Updated: 07/06/2017 | Listed: 23/08/2016

Koto Tracks and Blinds

Xpanda Trellis Doors

0.0% Recommended 0 Votes

Updated: 09/12/2015 | Listed: 20/09/2012

Koto and Company

Legal Practitioners

41.7% Recommended 12 Votes

Updated: 03/04/2018 | Listed: 24/01/2012

Kow Lee Foods

Chinese Take Away

37.8% Recommended 37 Votes

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